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BIL 2014 - Traveler Info

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The Weather Network:  http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/canada/british-columbia/vancouver .  (Americans:  If you prefer Fahrenheit to Celsius or millibars to kiloPascals, there is a toggle for switching between unit systems in the upper right, below the search box.)




This is the first time we are hosting a big BIL in Canada.  For international travelers, the Canada Border Services Agency web site has useful information:  http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/menu-eng.html .


Bank of Canada currency converter:  http://www.bankofcanada.ca/rates/exchange/daily-converter/ .


Canadian money:  Don't be alarmed if you receive a bank note that doesn't feel like paper.  Canada is switching to polymer bank notes.  For more information about Canadian bank notes:  http://www.bankofcanada.ca/banknotes/ .    


If you will be bringing your cell phone from your home country, do NOT assume that you can make calls, send messages or access the internet in Canada without paying international roaming charges (or at all) -- contact your wireless operator to determine if you can roam in Canada and what it will cost.  If your phone is compatible with Canadian wireless systems (not all phones are), one option for you might be to purchase a SIM card from a Canadian wireless carrier -- here is a list of Canadian wireless carriers:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Canadian_mobile_phone_companies .




This is the first time we are hosting a big BIL outside of the United States of America.  So, for many BILders, this will be the first time they will have to cross an international border to arrive at BIL.  


  1. Once upon a time, United States and Canadian citizens could cross the US/Canada border fairly freely, without a passport.  Due to security changes that were implemented in the past decade, you should plan to have a Passport when you cross the border. 
    1. If you don't have one, apply as soon as possible at the State Department's Website 
    2. it will take anywhere from 4-6 weeks normally
    3. you can have it expedited within two weeks for a small fee (suggested)
    4. in an emergency, you can schedule a same day appointment with your passport office in your closest major city and have a same day passport made.  You must pay the expedited fee, and have proof of your travel out of the country within two weeks of international travel. 
  2. If you will be driving to Vancouver from the United States, do NOT assume that automobile insurance policies that are valid in the United States are also valid in Canada -- contact your automobile insurance company to determine if you will be insured in Canada.




We do not currently have any official hotels available or room blocks.  If you are booking a room somewhere or find special rates, please list them so that others can take advantage of them as well.  There are a wide variety of accommodations near BIL 2014, ranging from full service hotels to hostels.  




The BIL Wiki is a community wiki, so feel free to sign up for a login and add to this section (via the "EDIT" tab at the top of the page) -- or, if you would prefer, write Dave Jones, djx100@gmail.com, and he will add your comments to this section.  Comments and opinions from those who regularly travel to Vancouver are especially appreciated.




It years past it has been popular for BIL'ders to share rides to the event.  We highly encourage this, and this years event is no exception.  Please fill in your name and how many seats you have in your ride if you plan on driving so that others may come with you.  Not only does this make for an excellent adventure for everyone, it makes you a totally bodacious BIL'der


Name, Location, Email, Phone 


Name, Location, Email, Phone


Scott De Roy

Leaving from LA/SF.  scott@eequalsmc2.com.  626.215.1778

Note: May need transportation to Vancouver and back to LA. 





Sharing cars is so yesterday.  Share a plane today.  

This one is simple.  Get a bunch of your friends.  All buy plane tickets on the same plane.  Party in the air.  

Flight Number, Origin, Destination  Origin Destination



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