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BIL 2014 - FAQ

Page history last edited by Michael Cummings 9 years, 4 months ago

I keep seeing "Unconference" being mentioned.  WTF is that?!


Where do I buy tickets?

  • This year's event in Vancouver is going to be run much the same as in the very early years.  We are not going to ask people to purchase tickets.  We want to help ease the building of the community in the Vancouver area, so all we are going to do is ask that you donate what you can to help us cover our costs!


Where do I donate?


Is there a suggested donation?

  • We don't want to tell you what to give, we'd rather you give what you think listening to amazing speakers, meeting awesome new people, and being a part of our community is worth to you.  Believe us, its worth the world to us as organizers, so we hope you feel the same way. 


What is the money being used for?

  • Our biggest cost is our venue, which comes equiped with a lot of the AV equipment we will need to run our main stage event.  This is going to run us about $4300 so we do need your help.  
  • We have other printing and supplies costs will be more fully estimated in the coming weeks. 


Are there any rules at BIL?

  • There are no strict rules. Just be a good person and use your best judgement.
  • Help where you you see something that could be improved!
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Be passionate about what you love and tell the people about it. Thats what we're here for!



Who's in charge?

  • No one is truly in charge, but everyone has the power to influence the event. Be respectful and thoughtful and everything else will fall in line.   
  • If you have very specific questions about the event as a whole, feel free to contact Michael Cummings (michael@bilconference.com) or Cody Bailey (cody@bilconference.com).

Will there be lunch provided?

  • It depends, did you bring a sack lunch? Or perhaps two, one for you and one for someone else.
  • If you're not the bring your own lunch type, you will find that our venue is right in the heart of Vancouver and there are many many places for you and your new friends to go eat. 



Add more questions/or answers. 

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