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Want to speak

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 7 months ago

 We really do encourage everyone attending to speak.  Here are a few answers to questions you might have...


Q - Really?

A - Yes.


Q - How do I sign up to speak?

A - Just put it on the wiki.  If you aren't wiki-literate no worries, send an e mail to HuffmanTM@gmail.com and someone will set it up for you.  All you need is a title, your name, a link to your bio or website, and perhaps a picture of you.


Q - How do I sign up for a time?

A - Right before the conference we'll put up a time slot sign up list.  If you have particular time needs, e mail HuffmanTM@gmail.com and he'll make sure they get accomodated as best as possible.


Q - How long can I talk?

A - However long you want.  If people aren't interested, they'll wander off and listen to someone else.  Less than 15 minutes probably isn't worth your time, and more than an hour is going to get stale.


Q - What can I talk about?

A - Whatever you want.  We really mean this.  Bear in mind you'll be competing for attention space with some really interesting people, so try to make it good.


Q - Really?

A - Yes.  We encourage you to talk about new or profound ideas you are having, even if they are a little bit nutty.  This is a safe place to explore concepts.

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