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Things we need!


To participate find something to do and do it.



If you'd like to edit the wiki, use the password 'bil'.


Invite people and spread the word!


Here is a page with some starting text to invite people or announce BIL.


Seed Invites / Announcements


To-Do List

  1. Meme Dissemination
    1. Mass Media Coverage
      1. If you are a writer or reporter interested in writing a piece on BIL, please contact the self-designated Media Contact at HuffmanTM@gmail.com.
      2. Flavorpill
        1. Can someone submit this to Flavorpill SF?  http://flavorpill.com/sanfrancisco
    2. Wikipedia
      1. Does anyone know when we can put this on WIkipedia? I don't know their posting guidelines, such as when we might consider this 'significant' and how we put it there ethically and with NPOV. Anyone a Wikiphile?
    3. Blogs
      1. At some point everyone should attending should post a link to the website in their blog.
      2. boingboing reference in comments: http://www.boingboing.net/2008/01/24/ted-pass-on-ebay.html#comment-111835
    4. Social Networks
      1. Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8408086278
      2. Facebook calendar listing: http://facebook.com/event.php?eid=8256168877
      3. upcoming.org event listing: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/416946/
      4. eventful calendar listing: TODO
      5. Craig's List post: TODO - post in your own city due to CL not allowing 1 person to post in multiple cities. A distributed effort is needed.
      6. MySpace event posted: Post in your own bulletin, RSVP, Invite, and blog!          TODD H: you should post the link here cause apparently i can not for some reason!
    5. Word List
      1. Add words to the BIL List
  2. Venue / Accomodations
    1. Hotel
      1. Room Reservations
        1. We may want to try to reserve a block of rooms, someone should call them and find out how to do this. If it can be done easily, go ahead and do it. If it is complicated, post your notes here.
        2. I (Emi) tried to book a block of rooms, and the hotel never got back to me.  :(  But I booked there anyway.  If you have AAA, they offer a discount.
      2. Meeting Rooms
        2. The hotel does not have a meeting room...  The hotel has meeting rooms, we should find out how much they are and what the cancellation policy is. If there isn't much penalty for cancelling the rooms, then we should go ahead and reserve at least one, and more depending on how many people start signing up.
    2. El Estero Park
      1. Outside BBQ area
        1. There is an outside BBQ picnic area which costs $35 to rent for groups. It appears reservations must be made in person, so if anyone is local please do this. We want the El Estero area, the phone number is 831.646.3866.
        2. Weather -- Historically for this time Monterey has a low of 46 F and high of 64 F, which isn't shorts and T-shirt weather, but still comfortable.
      2. Community Center
        1. This is handled, thanks Steve!
    3. Restaurant Guide
      1. Can someone put together a list of restaurants near the venue?  A phone call to see who can handle groups of 10 or more would be helpful.


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