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Motivation Psychology Learning Optimism

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Motivation Psychology. Learning Optimism.

Kai Chang


Conventional psychology spends a great deal of time studying, analyzing and evaluating people at the bottom 10% (in terms of psychological health) of the population - the crazy and dysfunctional. And to its credit, there is much good that it does in the process.


But what can we learn by studing the top 10 precent - those who carry an unusually resilient and healthy psyche and deal with setbacks with aplomb and grace? Are they skills that can be acquired and learned by 'natural depressives?' A brief talk touching on some of Martin Seligman's work on positive psychology and practical applications for the rest of us.


Kai Chang is a screenwriter, blogger, photography enthusiast and consultant on nonprofits and charitable trusts. He is an ENTP on the MBTI scale, and his mutant power is his uncanny ability to correctly identify a new stranger's MBTI type after one minute of one-on-one conversation.


Those who interact him socially/casually are often surprised to hear that he is a natural depressive/pessimist.


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