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How to use this Wiki

Page history last edited by Richard Karpinski 12 years, 7 months ago

First off, the invite code for the wiki is 'bil'.


Karpinski (dick at CFCL dot com) asks...

 "Would someone please provide a link to a quick introduction to how to do stuff. First thing I want to know is how to be polite. Can you give some hints here or maybe a few links to a short tutorial in how this wiki works and what is expected of participants?"


Sure!  Thanks for asking.  First off, you can't really do anything wrong.  If you make an edit and it ruins the page, someone will come along and fix it.  If you make a good edit to a page and the formatting isn't quite right, someone will come along and fix it.  This is a community project, and we all try to help each other.  Just do your best and learn as you go.


Participants are expected to, well, participate.  If you read an interesting talk description, feel free to hop into the wiki and post some questions or comments at the end of their talk.  After the presentation feel free to make notes or have discussions on the page.  These are living documents, and the more you use them the better they will get.


This particular wiki is hosted by PBwiki.com, and their help service is here.  They aren't the only wiki hosting service, but they are pretty easy.  The Youtube video below provides a nice introduction.


Remaining problems


Karpinski screwed up the picture part while including his own picture. It's still screwed up.


Karpinski has a page here called Karpinski, but I'd like the link to be seen as Dick Karpinski or Richard Karpinski and I can't see how to do that. If major pages had colophon pages which explained how the elements on that page were created, then it would be pretty easy to extend a major page correctly. But we don't and it isn't.


YouTube plugin error



A few more questions... Feel free to add more...


  1. How do I edit the page
    1. Click 'Edit Page' at the top.  You'll need to enter the invite code, which is 'bil'.
    2. But Karpinski never needed to use no invite code, perhaps since I already had a blog here.
  2. How do I highlight my name
    1. When you are editing the page press the 'Link' button at the top.  Change the 'Link Type' to 'URL'.  Put your web page as the URL, and your name as the 'Link Text'
    2. Don't you have to hilight the link text first? I thought that was what worked for me.
  3. Click on link in the edit commands bar
    1. I don't understand the question... can you elaborate?
    2. That was a step in the answer, not a question.
  4. How do I fill in a URL or make a new wiki page or something else
    1. To make a new wiki page click on the 'Link' button at the top.  For 'Link Type' select 'New Page'.  Give the new page a name and select 'OK'.  Then save the current page and then click on the link, it will take you to the new page.
    2. That was a step in the answer, not a question.
  5. How do I save the change
    1. There is a 'Save' button on the lower left.
    2. That was obvious so I never asked that question. It was a step in the answer, not a question.
  6. How does one add their picture among the others above the names lists?
    1. Click inside one of the boxes and then click 'Insert Image' in the tools bar at the top.  Browse to the image you want and 'Upload'.  Click 'Ok' and the image will go to that spot.  If you don't quite get the image in the right spot, someone will come along and fix it for you.  Don't worry!
    2. Mine isn't fixed yet, and it screwed up a lot just trying what you say here. (Karpinski)
  7. Why are there two names lists?
    1. Someone wanted to have pictures, so people can recognize each other during the conference.
    2. There used to be two numbered lists as well as the pictures list, but somebody fixed that already. I guess the answer is somebody made a second attendee list by mistake.



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