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Growing Up Gifted: The State of the Art of Raising Brilliant Minds

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Growing Up Gifted: The State of the Art of Raising Brilliant Minds

KV Fitzpatrick


What makes a child "gifted"? How do we accommodate a ten-year-old who is ready to learn calculus? What happens to a child who is labeled a "genius"? Who do gifted kids grow up to be?


In the past three decades, Highly Gifted Education has matured as a subset of Special Education. There are now many options for exceptional kids, from GATE and magnet programs to early college entrance. But how do we decide to whom these resources are apportioned?


Most importantly, is it ever too late to be precocious?


KV Fitzpatrick is an alumna of the Early Entrance Program at Cal State LA, the Individualized Honors Program at Walter Reed Jr. High School, and The Mutaytor Performance Group. She is currently a graduate student of Neuroengineering at the University of Southern California, and a firm believer in the principle of making one's own luck.

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at 3:23 am on Feb 13, 2008

I would like to listen to your talk. Can I sign up?

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