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Welcome to BIL

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BIL 2012 is an ad-hoc participant powered Unconference.

BIL 2012 was a blast! Check out photos, videos, and more - 


Please check out the BIL 2012 Folder to the right, under Navigator, to find interesting pages you are looking for!


BIL Live Broadcast & Online Participation

thanh lap cong ty



BIL Media 

Wall Street Journal : dang ky kinh doanh


More: dich vu ke toan




  STEP 1   Register- Make it official!

  STEP 2   Needed! - Bring it, and  

  STEP 3   Pick your role(s):


Sign up to speak : 2

Tell us about yourself 

 Help us help others


BIL 2012- Rideshares BIL 2012- Rideshares  



1st RULE: You must talk about BIL Club

2nd RULE: You MUST TALK about BIL Club

3rd RULE: If someone says "stop", goes limp, or taps out - leave them alone, someone else can help.

4th RULE: Anyone can help

5th RULE: Everyone should help

6th RULE: No whining, no attitude.

7th RULE: There is always something to do or clean up.

8th RULE: If this is your first time to BIL, you HAVE to help.



  • Needed - Please help bring these items
  • Speakers - Who says what, where.
  • Main Quarter Stage  - Speaker Schedule
  • Space Stage - Speaker Schedule
  • Masque Sex Geek Salon - Speaker Schedule
  • Ship Lay-out - Where is everything? 
  • Room rate/share Make a friend for life
  • Ride share - An hour of TMI
  • Activities - During or around BIL time
  • Parties - You know the drill...
  • FAQ Got Q? Get A!
  • Sponsors - People who are nice to us.



 COMPLAINT ABOUT BIL? Find solution here.





Online Ticketing for BIL Conference 2012 powered by Eventbrite

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