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Welcome to BIL

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on March 2, 2011 at 1:10:57 am


STEP 1 Sign up - Make it official.

STEP 2 Needed! - Bring it, and DONATE!

STEP 3 Pick your role(s)



Speakers - Sign up to speak.

Attendees - Tell us about yourself.

Organizers - Help us help others.


Ship Layout - Where is everything?

Ride/Room share - Make a friend for life.

Activities - Parties and special events.

FAQ - Ask a question, get an answer.




Introduction: BIL is an ad-hoc conference for people changing the world in big ways. It's a place for passionate  people to come together to energize, brainstorm, and take action.







Venue:  Queen Mary @ 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA 90802

Social Media Links: PlanCast Upcoming TechVenue Facebook (please add more)

Getting There: moBIL (Green Tortoise from SF Bay Area); Driving; Transit; Ride Shares

Staying There: Queen Mary hotel; nearby campground; inexpensive hotel options; roomshare; discounts

Helping Make It Happen: Things/items we need

Day of Volunteering: Sign up Here

Friday Night Pre-party: Someplace near the ship. Downtown near TED?

Saturday Night Activities:  What do you wanna do? 

Sunday Night Activities:  Add some dinner discussion groups here 






(please note, this is incomplete, as this is volunteer only, only people that put themselves up are on this page.  For a better idea of what topics there are, see the Sign-Up page, scroll down and look at who has signed up and what they are talking about.)




Please use this page to sign up to be a pre-conference volunteer 


Who Might You Meet At BIL?


Be a Volunteer! (with email/provider) What can you do?When are you available?
Cody Marx Bailey (superphly/gmail) websites,  planning, during BIL
Simone Syed (simonesyed/gmail) nerd wrangling, fundraising, venue  planning, during
Amy Robinson (amyleerobinson/gmail) fundraising,   planning, during
Alex Kawas (bil2011/alexkawas) tech, fundraising, speaker search  planning, during
Alexis Bright (lexbright/gmail) morale, whatever I can squeeze in that needs to be done planning, during
Raines Cohen (raines/mac) SF liaison, outreach  

Joseph Jackson  gmail       

fundraising, outreach


Reichart Von Wolfsheild (my first name at gmail) Fold a Cherry stem with out my hands. Planning, during, and sometimes, when you least expect it. 
Jonathan Sheffi (jsheffi/gmail)  whatever needs to be done during 
Lori Luttrell (loriluttrell/yahoo)  prepare timelines; phone calls; coord. volun/speakers before and during  


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