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Welcome to BIL

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BIL 2009


Will be in Long Beach. Add yourself to the Attendee list here: http://bilconference.pbwiki.com/BIL2009


BIL 2008

Live Stream of BIL Conference

There are two options for watching a live stream of the conference:

2. http://qik.com/scobleizer


Sunday Conference Schedule

5:51p version. Latest: Schedule page updated with Sunday Schedule.



BIL Shirts


If you didn't get a shirt but would like one, use this form to request one. We need 100 people to commit to a shirt before we can order them again.

We've reached the capacity for the building, and unfortunately we can't take any more attendees. If you have any questions, please email Todd Huffman at HuffmanTM@gmail.com
Please sign up early for the next BIL, to be planned soon.



BIL Activities

  • Parking - Parking is a little difficult to find by the Monterey Youth Center (map of available parking), so if you can't find anything, your best bet is the big lot at Del Monte Ave and Figueroa St, which is $8 a day
  • Breakfast - Meet new people with similar interests! Check out our Breakfast page!
  • Advancing the TED Prize - We'll be breaking up into groups of eight on Sunday to discuss how the BIL community can help advance the TED prize winners' wishes. This is the perfect way for BIL to collaborate with TED!

  • MeshWalks - A series of small, walking conferences/discussions/tours through Monterey and the lovely Monterey Beach and El Estero Park. See MeshWalk's blog for more detail and history of the format
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium There may also be discussion groups in the aquarium, a great place for inspiration and wonderment.

To maximize your comfort please bring the items listed on the BILDERS TOOLKIT. Be nice, and have a blast!


There is no WiFi at the facility, right now we'll be using cell phones/cards WiFi for internet coverage. If you can help get a faster connection, please e mail superphly -at- gmail.com.


Qtask will be providing one of these Wireless Cell cards + Wireless Routers






**Things we need!





Blog Coverage



Date: March 1st, 2nd

Time: 10AM


Monterey Youth Center

777 Pearl Street

Monterey, CA 93940

Google Map


More details on Venue Page

Twitter: http://twitter.com/bilconf

Max attendance: 150, Reached Friday 10:00am

Web Site: http://bilconference.com/

Wiki Password:bil

IRC Backchannel: irc.freenode.net #bil

Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/bil-conference

Flickr, Technorati tags:

bil, bil2008, bilconference

Overview Map of All Event Venues, Hotels, Restaurants

BIL loves TED. TED is a great place to sit and listen to interesting ideas. Many of those ideas make it online, and millions get to experience them.


The catch for many of us is that TED is $6,000, which is too expensive for most people, including a great number with good ideas worth spreading.


BIL has been created as a free space for people with ideas to come together and share them. Our event is self-organizing, emergent, and anarchic. Nobody is in charge. If you want to come just show up. If you've got an idea to spread start talking. If someone is saying something good, stop and listen.


We think BIL can be a perfect match to TED.

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