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Frequently Questioned Answers



At some point we realized we are all interesting people with worthwhile things to say, and it didn't make sense to rely always on centrally organized top-down mechanisms for spreading ideas. There is a time and place for authoritarian conferences, TED is a great conference, but perhaps a little emergence and anarchy is needed.


Are you affiliated with the Technology, Entertainment, and Design conference?


No. TED is a wonderful organization, but is not affiliated with BIL. For information about TED, see their website. To see what goes on at TED there is a movie about TED2006


Who organizes BIL?


Nobody, or rather, you do. We all organize BIL. BIL emerges from our collective consciousness.


Who speaks at BIL?


You do. There will be instructions on the Schedule page on how to coordinate this.


Who pays for BIL?


Nobody, or rather, you do. There is no central authority at BIL.


What does it cost to come to BIL?


Nothing. Just show up, then discuss and learn.


How do I get to BIL? Where do I stay?


See Venue


How should I prepare for BIL?


Good question. When you show up bring your BILDERS TOOLKIT


Can I sell stuff at BIL?


No, the facility doesn't allow it.


Where do I ask about how to do stuff on this wiki?


PBwiki questions and possibly answers are on PBwiki info.