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Cody Marx Bailey

Web strategy and user interface expert

Downtown Cartel




Cody is a web strategy and user interface expert for Downtown Cartel. He is very active in pushing the cultural and economic development in Bryan/College Station.



Alexis Bright

Event Coordinator





Speaker wrangler



You want Alexis on your team.  She doesn't want to admit she is a type A personality, but this is exactly what you need during a conference or event.  Someone you can depend on to get stuff done, keep you informed, and juggle a hundred problems quickly.    - Reichart



Michael Cummings





Michael is a photographer and his photo site can be found at He also hosts Jelly in the Bryan area.


Having worked with Michael, he is one of those gems that simply steps up to the plate, gets the job done, without complaint, and with solution or willingness to change in hand.  I can only hope I work with him again in the future.  - Reichart



Trevor Ellermann

Senior Systems Programmer





Speaker wrangler


Trevor is a *nix compugeek for the University of Arizona who is also a Black Rock City Ranger , DJ and is currently in training to join a Cryonics field team. 



Bill Erickson

Entrepreneur and WordPress rockstar

Erickson Media Group




Bill is an entrepreneur and WordPress rockstar. He has a clothing line with Roby, Activist Apparel, and does new media consulting as Erickson Media Group. His personal site is




Dean Goodwin

Telecommunications Network Consultant




Dean spent 13 years of his life behind an audio mixer and field radio engineer.

He is now a Telecommunications Network Consultant, and occasionally partners with EnVision Wireless (

However he will  occasionally mix audio, for special events, conventions, and live broadcasts.

He can be reached at DeanGoodwin [at] gmail [dot] com.  

  Todd Huffman

Gonzo Technologist


I'm an entrepreneur, scientist, and rabble rouser. My company, sStitch, develops better ways to organize information about complex events on mobile systems, and we work in the Gangplank coworking space in Phoenix.  By training I am an neuroscientist and bioinformatician, and advise or collaborate on a number of research projects in those areas. For more see



Rion Snow







Baron "Reichart" Von Wolfsheild

Chief Software Architect 

Qtask, Inc.

SocialFacebook, LinkedIn, Twitter BRKVW.


Reichart was an early pioneer in multi-player entertainment, developing the first computer arcade games that allowed for players to chat and play simultaneously over the modem. Currently he is developing a premier massive project management social network (a Darknet). He has designed over 120 consumer products for companies such as Activision, Bally, Disney, Dreamworks, Eidos, Konami, Mattel, Microsoft, and Time Warner (to name a few)  more bio.





Darknets - fascist gated associations, or intentional community

MCed Main room 1



MCed Master Ballroom 1






Gayle Karen Young

Social - LinkedIn






Speaker wrangler