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At BIL everything you need will be provided for by BIL. By BIL we mean you, because you are BIL. So everything you need will be provided by you. You'll be your own speaker, audience, AV person, caterer, and so on... Your BILders Toolkit is a conference in a can.


With the items below two people can create a BIL conference anywhere they want.  (Really you don't need any of this, but comfort is nice)


Things to bring...


A camp chair.

Who knows where you'll end up having a session. Bring your own folding chair, like this one.

*Note: In our main venue we have chairs, but we like to keep things flexible. If you have your own chair you can do your session in the park or at the nearby beach.


A laptop.

The presenters will be putting their slides up on websites or for download. Have your laptop so you can follow along.


A cell phone.

You'll need to coordinate things with other people. We recommend text messages.


A camcorder (if you have one).

Bring a camcorder if at all possible. Record the talks you go to and unless the speaker objects put the talk up on Youtube. Tag the video with 'BIL2008'.


A power strip.

Everyone will have lots of electronic gadgets. Avoid fights. Bring your own power strip. Daisy chain them to spread the love.


Snacks and drinks.

Food is provided, by you, with the exception of lunch on Saturday. Joyent will be bringing in pizzas and sodas for the BIL crowd.



Buy this, bring this and share

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