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BIL UK 2010

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~~Attendee Signup Here~~


BIL:UK 2010 July 16-17 in Oxford, UK



Sponsor Help:

- Leo Ryan. Has a client that might provide wifi (router company).

- Lloyd Davis can get me in touch with the Oxford Tuttle group, who are PR folks and can help find local


- Oxford Geeknights is sponsored by Moo, the Guardian, and Torchbox - DH and WW's employer. All possible to approach.

- DH and WW met Viral Tarpara of Microsoft at OGN14 and he's very interested to find out more as plans develop, with intention of arranging sponsorship.


UK Promotion:

- Mike Butcher, TechCrunch UK (@mikebutcher) said he wanted to support BIL, and is a friend of @davestone/@amanda's.

- David Rowan, Editor, WIRED Magazine (david.rowan@condenast.co.uk) loved the idea of BIL. I met him at TED Global lunch.

- Lloyd Davis, Tuttle London (@lloyddavis)


Speaker Help:

- Aubrey de Grey (aubrey@sens.org)

- Jonathan Michie, Dept of Continuing Education (jonathan.michie@conted.ox.ac.uk)

- Lloyd Davis

- Jonathan or I should give @GarethM a shout [HTC]


Music Help:

- Ben Bashford (@bashford).

- Joe Muggs, Music journalist. Writes for Wire, Word, Mixmag etc. (@joemuggs)

- I'll get in contact with Capsule ( http://capsule.org.uk/about/ ) [HTC]

- Ben Walker, http://twitter.com/ihatemornings and http://bensbiggig.ihatemornings.com/ is a colleague of DH and WW at Torchbox



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