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BIL 2012 - BILive Online

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BILive: Set Up

 Google+ & Live Broadcast


1. Sign up for Google+

To sign up for Google+, all you need is a Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, it’s quick, easy and free to join. Start Now.


2. Add the BIL page to a "Circle" 

Go to the BIL Google+ page - https://plus.google.com/117460888319236134702 

Click Follow


Facebook | Tai facebook cho dien thoai | Tai game dua xe

3. Hangouts  

Here is a video to get you started - http://youtu.be/QN38vHZjWXw 

Guide to joining Hangouts - http://support.google.com/plus/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1349254&topic=1651547&ctx=topic

Tai game fifa | Tai game contra

4. Hangout tips...VERY IMPORTANT

If you have a mic, use it!

If you have a headset, use it!

If you have camera, use it!


5. Watch BILive on Ustream

Click over to http://www.bilconference.com/bilive/ to watch the live webcast... we know there is nothing on that page now but there will be on March 3rd & 4th.


6. What about Twitter and Facebook?

More info here


Want to Get Involved?

If you would like to give a presentation, lead a Google Hangout discussion or participate in any other way please contact bilive@tvfreemedia.com. We have plenty of things that you can do to participate whether you are on the Queen or at home. 




BILive Online:

Attending the BIL Conference


Welcome to BILive!  Attending BIL is like walking into a room with thousands of great ideas and unique interactions you can't find anywhere else. All the radical participation and ideas are what make BIL such a successful event every year. Up until now, the BIL experience has been limited by the number of participants and ideas that can be squeezed into a couple days. 


Now imagine, what if there were no limits on the number of people that could participate? Well, with BILive we will find out. 


We are excited to introduce a new form of participation that will bring together all BILders and BILive attendees. It's global, live, fully interactive and community driven, and if you can't make it to the Queen Mary, BILive is the only way to experience BIL. This live online experience will offer participants a fully interactive virtual BIL experience. So, for people who can't be there in person, BILive is an opportunity to contribute by watching live presentations, participating in Google Hangout discussions, or even delivering your own presentation. BILive attendees will have the same opportunity to participate as anyone who is here in person. It will include presentations, interviews with keynote speakers, comments from BILive members, breakout discussion and much more. And best of all, its free to watch. 


Thanks to the Google+ platform and Google Hangouts, watching the live broadcast is only the beginning of the BILive experience. For those who want to participate, BILive offers a number of different options.  Discussions held in Google Hangouts online or aboard the Queen Mary will be open forums where you can join the conversation and interact with presenters and participants. Certain Google Hangout discussions and presentations will even appear on the main screen at the actual event. That means, someone in Finland can present live to the BIL conference on the main stage - or that a BILder on site could lead a Google Hangout with people across the wold to explore new ideas.  


If you want to participate, you need a Google+ account, and guess what, they are free and only take a few minutes to set up. Once you have an account, you will need to add the BIL Conference page to one of your "Circles" on Google+. After that you will be ready to join the Hangout. If you have any trouble setting up your Google+ account, a step by step guide is available on the BIL wiki page. We suggest you set up your account today so can participate in BILive right from the start. 


The live broadcast will allow anyone to watch BIL from anywhere in the world and Google Hangouts will allow viewers to participate,interact, and present in real time with the BIL community. We are very excited about BILive and eager to see what BILders will be able to do with these awesome tools. Remember, YOU are BIL. 






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