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Remember that BIL is 100% volunteer, no one is paid, all monies come from donations, sponsors (never enough) and..... mostly....the attendees, which include the speakers, organizers and even entertainment.


This FAQ was prepared for BIL 2012 at te Queen Mary

(This can be used as a template for future BILs - Reichart)




When do the Organizers meet?


March 2

Friday 1:00pm 


There is a Volunteer meeting on Queen Mary Ballroom, find Simone.  Attendance is not mandatory, but recommended. 

March 3

Saturday 8:30am 


Volunteers will be meeting in the main conference room.  

March 4

Sunday 8:30am 


Volunteers will be meeting in the main conference room. 


There are also random phone/skype meetings.  

We do our best. :)


How do I volunteer?


If you'd like to be on a team, please put your name on the list (on the Organizer's page) and email SimoneSyed/Gmail. 


Email (we assume it is a ".com", please replace the "@" with "/")

What is your BILder talent?

When can you help?


Upload or post a link to a good highres photo of yourself that is more vertical than square (please).  A BIL gnome will come along and add the cool BIL frame for you.








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