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BIL 2012 - Needed

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Things we still need!


Folks, we need some help picking up the slack, if you can help or think of anything we need, please edit this page



If you can bring anything on this list, make a quick note of your name, email, and how many you can bring.


Don't forget, BIL Conference is a non-profit venture, it helps for people to know that!


Please bring your own water bottle and label it!


NEEDED! (This is essential) 



  • Speakers, Amplifier, and wire, otherwise everyone needs to yell - (???) AV gear we need
  • Whiteboards and whiteboard stands (NOTE: Weird Stuff Warehouse in Sunnyvale, CA has dozens of cheap used whiteboards and powerstrips for sale ChristinaMarcet)
    • Showerboards from Home Depot/Lowes are $10 (truck needed to transport)
    • Rolled paper 1m wide (3ft) - for use on walls
    • Cork boards - big enough to use as a message board. 
    • White board markers
    • White board erasers  
  • Extension cords (10) - PLEASE BRING THESE
  • String (to hang signs from ceiling)
  • Donation Boxes (or boxes we can make into donation boxes)
  • Money boxes (3-4) 
  • Power Strips (20) -
  • Bringing dolly/cart for moving heavy things
  • Trash bags (heavy duty) --
  • Telescopes (a prize for the biggest one brought!) 
  • Gong (really, we need one)
  • Broom, mop (just in case "something bad" happens)
  • Sharpies (all sizes)
  • Blue Masking Tape
  • Butcher Paper (36" by 500') 
  • Large Note Cards
  • Grafting tape
  • Projectors  
  • Projector screens
  • String for hanging 
  • Scissors 
  • Ipads for register
  • Tumble mats
  • Any Audio/ Visual stuff
  • Computer adapters (all, every kind) 
  • Anything you think would be helpful 

Tin nhan chuc ngu ngon | Tin nhan chuc ngu ngon cho de yeu | Sms chuc ngu ngon | Facebook | Tai facebook | Tai facebook mien phi

Remember that BIL succeeds with your help.


Things to buy if we have to:


  • Big markers
  • Poster board
  • Kite string
  • Nametags
  • Sharpies 



Creature Comforts


  • Caffeine
    • Coffee (for 200 people)
      • Coffee --
      • Creamer --
      • Sugar --
      • Coffee Maker? Do we need one?
    • Tea
    • Soda - drinks for 10 people
    • Cups - Encourage people to BYOC(up)?
  • Snacks
    • Easy but healthy things, fruit, nuts. Bags of fruit from costco, boxes of nuts, raisins, juice boxes/  

Note: Trader Joes for snacks...



To Do:


  1. Quotes on Chairs- 600 to 800: delivery on Friday to the Queen Mary, pick up on Monday.
  2. Quotes on Tables- 30: delivery on Friday to Queen Mary, pick up on Monday
  3. Quote on Curtains and Rods to divide the speaker areas  see quotes at google spreadsheet here: http://bit.ly/wl4VI2 
  4. Projectors and projector screens 5 or 6
    1. See also page BIL 2012 - Needed  
  5. Living Spaces: we need couches and comfy chairs- either a sponsorship from furniture place or people to bring over living room furniture for the weekend
  6. Art Installations- we love art and interactive things, games, videos, things people can play with
    1. See page BIL 2012- Interactive  
  7. Food Sponsorships- we need food for BIL! Lunches, snacks, even knowledge of discounts available to us if we pay for food. We are a non-profil, please contact
    1. See page BIL 2012- Food Coordination  
  8. Round up Speakers: We need some speakers from TED- please email them and tell them about BIL- invite them down to hang out and give a talk!
    1. See page BIL 2012- Speakers for confirmed speakers 
  9. Get the word out!


Comments (16)

kai chang said

at 7:00 pm on Feb 3, 2012

Can bring 1 whiteboard (4x3) with its own aluminum tripod.

Simone Syed said

at 3:18 pm on Feb 5, 2012


Jonathan Reilly said

at 4:59 pm on Feb 13, 2012

I can bring a single 100ft, 12 Gauge extension cord and a Costco 3000-pack of red-plastic cups.

zack smoll said

at 8:16 am on Feb 23, 2012

I can bring: 1) Corkboard for messages 2) Heavy Duty Trash Bags

Troy Gardner said

at 11:14 pm on Feb 26, 2012

Last I checked Paul Grasshoff had a huge bell.

I have a digital projector but I don't have a screen :(
Like wise I have a speaker or two but no mic/mixer that can be used :(

Troy Gardner said

at 7:42 pm on Feb 28, 2012

scratch that, not sure what days and times I'll be there.

Paul Grasshoff said

at 10:26 pm on Mar 1, 2012

I'm planning to go tomorrow to set up. Can I bring some of your stuff and take care of it during the conference?

Kan Chou said

at 9:34 pm on Mar 1, 2012

I'll bring a Gong. It's about 12-inch diameter. Not sure it's the right size for whatever purpose?

Paul Grasshoff said

at 10:27 pm on Mar 1, 2012

Great! Bring the gong! I'll bring my big brass bell. We have multiple stages.

Kan Chou said

at 7:39 am on Mar 2, 2012

It will be about 11:00PM by the time I arrive Long Beach. Just for you know. Thanks.

Martin C Horowitz said

at 12:27 am on Mar 2, 2012

I have some 3ft wide rolls of computer paper would that Help?

Scott DeRoy said

at 9:16 am on Mar 2, 2012

I am bringing Saturday morning four super large lounge folding chairs with six cup holders I might add...

Scott DeRoy said

at 9:20 am on Mar 2, 2012

If anyone needs me to pick up something at Weird Stuff Warehouse in Sunnyvale...I am currently staying at the Hotel Zico (On El Camino Real) in Mountain View.
Will be departing for LA at 11:30 today. Get in touch with me via my cell or email listed on my profile.

Arianna said

at 5:51 pm on Mar 2, 2012

Things I can bring, love Arianna:

Rolled paper 1m wide (3ft) - for use on walls (think it's act this size, altho might be smaller. Should i still bring if not 1m?
Bringing dolly/cart for moving heavy things (more of a shlep cart than a heavy things cart. Again, should I still bring?)
Broom, mop (just in case "something bad" happens)
Sharpies (all sizes)

Anything you think would be helpful: wine? :)

rose said

at 1:00 am on Mar 19, 2012

If anyone needs me to pick up something at Weird Stuff Warehouse in Sunnyvale...I am currently staying at the Hotel Zico

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