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BIL 2012- Activities

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BILders are welcome to post activities they would like to host/organize during BIL.  This includes events just before, or just after BIL.  Just add your event to the table, and add your name, picture and bio down below.  

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Host Activity Objective Date
Teresa G. 

Embodied Minds Area /

Moves & Interactions

We are not just brains - we are brains with bodies!

So let's use those bodies!  :-)  Don't just give a talk,

come lead a physical activity - yoga, CrossFit, blues

dancing, etc.   Come show us how you hack your body!

See below to sign up to teach/lead a class, and to find

out about all the awesome participatory 'moves' that

will be happening at BIL!


See bios below...

Teresa Gonczy - acroyoga, blues dancing, etc

Kirez Reynolds- CrossFit, handstands

Rachel Bieber - short form improv

Michael Clive - improv games

Frank Capodieci - parkour, gymnastics, jujitsu, dance

Steve Scher - tango (or go) :-)

Steven Dee - guided meditation

Meg Strout - whip cracking?

Drew Holliday - Tae Kwon Do

CK Lin - salsa

Kristy Hilands - yoga

Cheri Rae - yoga

Alan Kraig - slacklining




Moonlight Promenade hosted by Hike the Geek and French Champagne. Wear our best attire for a classy stroll on the top deck.  Saturday night 

 Learn How to Pick Locks!

Teaching you how to pick locks.   


Read more in the February Newsletter!

Mary Paniscus  Stochastic Painting Enjoy playful spontaneous collaborative art.  Canvases and paint provided. 


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Embodied Minds: Moves & Interactions! - happening throughout the weekend

We are not just brains - we are brains with bodies!  So let's use those bodies!  In addition to all of the fabulous talks that will be given at BIL, we will also have an area for interactive, participatory 'moves'.  These 'moves' will be taught/lead by anyone who has a body (aka you!)  We are looking for people to lead others in yoga, martial arts, dancing, CrossFit, fencing, meditation, improv games, parkour, massage, arts & crafts, stupid human tricks, whatever you can think of!  Add yourself to the 'movers' list below if you will teach/lead us in some cool interactions at BIL 2012!

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Do you plan to 'move' at BIL?  


  • Add your 'Move' below the last one.  Follow the examples set.  (Not sure how to add yourself?  Send your bio and your class info to teresaeg/gmail and we'll add you!)
  • Your 'Move' can be something that you do as a hobby, as a profession, when you were a child, etc.  Just remember never SELL a product or service, rather REVEAL "the coolness".
  • Your 'Move' should be a participatory activity that can be done in 15-20 minutes with anywhere from 4-40 people depending on how many are interested.   It should be able to happen without any extra equipment, unless you are willing to transport & bring the equipment with you to BIL.  (It's ok to limit how many people if you, for instance, can only bring 20 sabers with you, but please have enough for at least 10 people.)
  • BIL organizers will sort these from time to time.  If you have any questions or thoughts, please email Teresa at teresaeg/gmail



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Teresa Gonczy



Teresa Gonczy has always been a mover!  Whether ballet, jazz, yoga, blues dancing, acrobatics, aerial arts, parkour, working out, or dancing through the grocery store, Teresa is constantly moving and shaking!  She is excited to share her movement with everyone at BIL!

In her other lives, Teresa is an entrepreneur, educator, nerd, 'mother', and Burner.  She studied at Caltech, has owned several successful businesses, helped start a charter school, taught high school math & science, etc.  She currently splits her time between running a store & educational center in Los Angeles and helping a friend raise his kids in Berkeley.



-Acroyoga & Partner Stretching - Watch Teresa in action!

-Blues Dancing

-Whatever else people want to learn!

tai opera mini


Kirez Reynolds




Kirez Reynolds owns Hammer CrossFit in Arizona. 


We are bodies guided by an epiphenomenon of consciousness.  Try bonking your mind against a wall and see if your body becomes befuddled. Please DON'T try this with your body. Chances are you're self-aware enough to watch yourself become slower, moodier, less alert, as a result of eating sugars or starchy carbohydrates. Hopefully you have also had the experience of seeing yourself and others become smarter, more productive, more successful, more confident by training your athleticism and leveling-up your metabolic conditioning (what the unschooled call "cardio" or "aerobic" conditioning).



I will be hosting an introductory level CrossFit workout. This means it will take you between 4-9 minutes, is so small that it constitutes less than 1/3 of what an experienced CrossFitter actually uses as a warmup (serious), and you will be sore afterward, possibly for a few days.


Separately, I will conduct handstand workshops in which we'll teach you to do handstands. We can improve even advanced handstand skills, and if you've never gone upside down before, I can get you there. :-)

opera mini


Bio: College of Lockpicking is a travelling workshop, bringing the love of locksport to hackerspaces, community workshops and other educational places.  We like to think that opening up locks without keys unlocks the world in more ways than one. :)  The way a Lockpicking Village is usually done is that we have a table or two set up with some lockpicks and locks for people to practice on.  Participants can bring their own locks and lockpicks to share in the fun if they want to as well.  The Lockpicking Village is more like a social gathering for lockpicking than like a workshop.


We also have lockpicks available for sale, and hand-pinned practice locks, and possibly other related stuff too.  Besides allowing participants to take their new hobby home with them, the sales will help us recoup the cost of the locks and lockpicks which are bound to wander off during a Lockpicking Village (We know we're not getting the shared lockpicks back intact, if at all, and will probably lose some locks too. We expect that to cost us about $500).


Classes/Activities:  Depending on whether we can gather additional resources like a projector/display setup, we can also give mini-lessons multiple times throughout the event, like 15 minutes at the top of every hour or two, and/or we could have some small competitions. 

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About Lynx

The Lynx is XCOR’s entry into the commercial reusable launch vehicle (RLV) market.  This two-seat, piloted space transport vehicle will take humans and payloads on a half-hour suborbital flight to 100 km (330,000 feet) and then return safely to a landing at the takeoff runway.

Like an aircraft, Lynx is a horizontal takeoff and horizontal landing vehicle, but instead of a jet or piston engine, Lynx uses its own fully reusable rocket propulsion system to depart a runway and return safely.  This approach is unique compared to most other RLVs in development, such as conventional vertical rocket launches and air-launched winged rocket vehicles “dropped” at altitude from a jet powered mothership.



Classes/Activities:  They are bringing a 6 foot model for BILders to enjoy.   

tai ola


Rachel Bieber

tai uc browser


Rachel Bieber is the least stereotypical public Librarian you will ever meet.  She can knit up a storm, but has no cats.  She wears awesome shoes.  She's too vivacious to be stuck behind the Reference Desk for too long, and entices parents to look away from their smartphones during storytimes with her animated readings of picture books.  She is occasionally *shushed* by patrons.


When not foisting free information and entertainment upon the masses, Rachel studies improv, knits, creates stained glass windows, plays with all sorts of materials to make weird art, and, yes... reads.

uc browser

Classes/Activities: Improv games to improve communication (and induce laughter)



Frank Capodieci



Frank / 'Chesco is a computer scientist, musician, and parkour enthusiast who's built 3D worlds for theatrical productions and tap danced to Fred Astaire when he was little.  His most recent creation, Zya, let's you make music with just your voice.  He would love to help you discover new ways to move.


Classes/Activities: parkour, gymnastics, Danzan Ryu jujitsu, modern dance










tai game ai la trieu phu

Mary Paniscus


Bio: A generalist geek with artistic leanings.  Currently teaching math to 6-12th graders.  My last job was in the sex lives of human-dwelling bacteria.  


Classes/Activities: I like visual art and spontaneity so, like many before me, I put the two together.  Come add to my canvasses.  All levels welcome.  Guidance provided as needed. 






















BIL 2012 - Start Here Heat Pumps


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