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BIL:UK 2010 Sponsor Information

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There are two main areas in which we're looking for sponsorship: support for running costs and support in kind. In return for support, your organisation's name and logo will be placed in front of a passionate, intelligent audience, in printed material and will be visible in archived video of the event.


Running Costs


Since BIL is a community-organised festival, all running costs will have to be covered by donations, sponsorship or ticket charges. Given that we're not a corporate entity with a central bank account, we're asking sponsors to cover specific costs directly. Maybe your organisation could help us pay for a venue for a day? Perhaps you could cover the train fare for one or two of our more far-flung speakers? Get in touch on the organisers list or via Twitter


Support in Kind


Maybe your organisation provides printing services, or wireless broadband, or A/V equipment. We're going to need all sorts of services during the planning, marketing and running of the festival, and maybe your organisation can help us by donating some of your expertise or equipment. Get in touch on the organisers list or via Twitter

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