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BIL 2018:LA- Sign Up To Volunteer

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If you would like to volunteer at BIL, please fill out the form using the link below!





BIL prides itself on up-ending the status quo and relying on what each individual brings share with the community to create an experience unlike any you've been to. Join us at BIL LA 2018 and help create memories and friends!


A few of the roles we are looking to fill: 


Speaker Wrangler:  These people work in conjunction with the MC’s to find speakers, make sure they’ve submitted their materials to AV and that they are on deck on time.  It is a bustling conference, and this is an important job to keep things running smoothly!


Social Media Team: Do you love posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Periscope?  Do you have website building experience and want to help maintain our information flow? Join our Social Media Team and help us get the word out about BIL!


Registration Maven: These people reign over the registration table; checking people in, handling money, answering questions, guarding equipment, and being the first point of contact for all BILders!  We can’t run without them!


Time Lord: If the talks are your favorite part of BIL, this job is for you!  Watch the talks, and let speakers know when their time is up.  Another important job to help things keep on track.


MC:  We have several stages and need MC’s to help keep them organized and moving along.


Videographer:  Help us document BIL and create content for our YouTube page!


General Volunteer:  Up for anything? Good at being helpful? We got the role for you! 


Photographer:  We always have a host of talented photographers attend BIL every year.  Join the team!


BIL Youth Volunteer:  There are always eager youths that may not have the patience to sit through a talk, help keep them curious and safe.


Host an Activity: We’ve had speed-friending, The College of Lockpicking, Raw Science and robots and kettle ball instruction!  Got an idea for an interactive activity?  Go for it.


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